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We understand sites like Zillow, Trulia and are known to feature outdated and innacurate information, we feel your pain! With our website, home buyers can get accurate and up-to-date information on all listings in and around Roswell. Connected to the MLS, that way you will never miss out! We’ll be your guide throughout the entire buying process.


We help you sell with confidence. We understand the feelings and emotions one gets when it comes to selling your home. With so many options available to you, it’s confusing and overwhelming on where to start. You deserve a guide who will be transparent and thoughtfully explain all of your options to you. We make the process simple, profitable and stress free.

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Realtor Insights

Realtor Insights

Martin’s Landing 2020 Real Estate Review

80 Homes Sold in 2020!

Please take a moment to watch our short video on Martin's Landing statistics for 2020! Tune in until the end to find out how you can have your 2021 Martin's Landing HOA dues paid by us!

Realtor Insights

5 Buyer Tips

Here are some Tactics for you to use.

When purchasing a new home it's wise to arm yourself with information before you start the process. Below are 5 tips to help give you the edge when looking for your new home.